Speech-language pathologist

We provide individual assistance in early intervention and diagnosis in neurodevelopmental disorders (using Prechtl method of General Movements Assessment to obtain information about the condition of the central nervous system) and early logopedic intervention.

The therapeutic sessions are primarily designed for:

  • pre-term infants with immature central nervous system
  • infants with perinatal injuries and specific problems of neonatal and post-neonatal period
  • infants with psychomotor development retardation
  • infants and children with feeding problems which may include:
    • difficulty sucking from breast or bottle, incoordination of sucking, swallowing and breathing, eating insufficient amount of food
    • chocking during feeding
    • poor leap seal or excessive drooling of saliva
    • chewing problems – aversion to solids; preference for pureed (blended) foods

    Parents are provided with in-depth instruction on feeding techniques and necessary accessories so that the subsequent oral motor skills, like eating with a spoon, drinking from a cup, chewing and the development of speech, could progress in a correct manner.
    The consultations are also meant for older children with delayed speech or language development, articulation defects or speech disorders resulting from a variety of causes.


Magdalena Bednarczyk, MA