The Hospital Patient Advocate is available for you Monday – Friday from 8am to 3pm

To make an appointment, please call 22 25 59 808 or email

Postal address: Centrum Medyczne ‘’Żelazna’’ sp. z o. o. ul. Żelazna 90; 01-004 Warszawa
Problem resolution / Complaint process ‘’Żelazna’’ Medical Center resolves Patients’ concerns and complaints filed :

  • by post
  • by email
  • by fax
  • personally, by scheduling a meeting (the meeting minutes will be taken)

Each complaint should include:

  • complaining person’s first name and surnmec
  • postal or email address of a complaining person
  • specific description of the problem / situation

Complaint response time is 30 days
We encourage our Patients to give positive feedback on the way healthcare services are delivered in St. Sophia’s Hospital. We kindly request you to send your opinions to our postal / email address or by fax.

mgr Magdalena Matysiak

Hospital Patient Advocate