Midwife-managed pregnancy care

If your pregnancy is progressing without any complications, we invite you to attend monthly antenatal appointments with a midwife.

Our expert midwives will support you in all aspects related to:

  • fetal development and different stages of pregnancy
  • natural methods to tackle pregnancy ailments and discomfort
  • appropriate diet
  • preparation of your perineum to stretch more easily during labor and delivery
  • assessment and exercising of your pelvic muscles
  • broadening your knowledge of the issues covered by Birth School curriculum
  • supporting role of your pregnancy and childbirth companion
  • creation of a birth plan and the choice of a birthplace
  • enhancing the patient’s confidence in her body’s ability
  • interpretation of laboratory test results

Once a trimester (or in case any abnormalities occur), your midwife will refer you to an obstetrician-gynecologist for consultation.

Towards the end of your pregnancy we will create your medical record, help you fill out a birth plan and take you on the tour of our Labor and Delivery Suite or the Hospital Birth Center.

Your regular monthly visits will not be limited to a routine examination confirming the normal course of your pregnancy. Our midwives will always take the time to listen to your pregnancy-related concerns and fears and to advise you how to cope with them.

If your pregnancy is considered high risk, but you feel you need some extra support and more time invested in your preparation for a vaginal or Caesarean delivery, you are welcome to schedule a consultation appointment any time you find convenient.


Małgorzata Gierada-Radoń, MSc

midwife, International IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Magdalena Kukulska, MSc

midwife, urogynecology physical therapist and reflexology therapist

Marta Łukasz, MSc


Agnieszka Machniewicz, MSc


Angelika Niczyporuk, MSc