Pre-term Newborn and Neonate Pathology Department

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As a tertiary referral setting, our Department has the expertise and authority to deal with the most challenging cases in neonate pathology – including the management of pre-term infants with extremely low birth weight (circa 500 grams).
We provide advanced medical care to sick full-term newborns and pre-term ones who require diagnostic and therapeutic management.

The smallest surviving extremely pre-mature child ever born in our Hospital was a girl delivered at 22 weeks’ gestational age who weighed 460 grams.

Our patients are the babies born in St. Sophia’s Hospital and the newborn infants transferred from other hospitals to undergo specialist treatment here.
Out of the total number of 1686 children receiving neonatal treatment in 2021, 445 were born pre-maturely

  • 67 little patients with birth weight below 1500 grams
  • 32 of them weighed below 1000 grams

1Medical services provided by Pre-term Newborn and Neonate Pathology Department
Newborn intensive care procedures

  • selective head cooling therapy (Cool-Cap System) in newborns with severe perinatal asphyxia
  • intensive therapy in full-term and pre-term newborns
  • mechanical ventilation and non-invasive respiratory support in full-term and pre-term newborns
  • circulatory insufficiency treatment
  • pharmacological closing of the arterial duct
  • bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) treatment
  • parenteral nutrition via intravenous line

Neonate pathology procedures

  • diagnostics and treatment of pre-term newborns with SGA (small for gestational age) and IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction)
  • diagnostics of congenital defects
  • diagnostics and treatment of different types of jaundice: phototherapy, exchange transfusions
  • diagnostics of TORCH (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex) infections
  • diagnostics and treatment of intrauterine and perinatal infections
  • diagnostics and treatment of the newborn adaptation disorders (respiratory, circulatory, metabolic, thermoregulatory)
  • lactation counselling
  • physiotherapy counselling
  • radiological diagnostics (X-ray, ultrasonography)
  • ophthalmological consultations
  • cardiological consultations with echocardiography
  • multispecialist consultations ( geneticist, orthopedist, neurologist, surgeon )
1Newborn hearing screening - see more
Every infant born in our Hospital undergoes hearing screening.
The test is absolutely safe and painless. It is designed to detect the degree of hearing loss or hearing impairment in newborn infants.
Early identification and timely intervention give the newborn a chance for normal development of speech.

The newborns who do not pass hearing screening tests or the ones who meet the criteria of high risk are referred to appropriate healthcare facilities for further diagnostic tests and thorough hearing evaluation.
The Pre-term Neonate and Neonate Pathology Department comprises:
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with 6 incubators
  • continuous care ward
  • observation ward
  • isolation ward

1Equipment - see more
  • open-top and closed-top incubators
  • respirators ( including a respirator monitoring the oxygen saturation of the pre-term infants’ blood during ventilation. It may prevent them from developing retinopathy ( developmental disorders of the retina which may result in the loss of vision )
  • mechanical ventilators for non-invasive respiratory support ( they help the newborn avoid intubation )
  • monitors displaying the newborn’s vital functions with central monitoring
  • digital X-ray machine
  • ultrasound machine
  • transcutaneous measurements monitor

OLYMPIC COOL-CAP and TECOTHERM – specialized system for selective cooling of the newborn’s head and body which is used to prevent and significantly reduce brain injury in the infants born with a severe or moderate asphyxia resulting from perinatal complications. Transport Incubator

It is like a little self-contained intensive care unit on wheels which is designed for newborns’ iter- and intra-hospital transfers. It consists of:
  • mobile hybrid incubator working in open or closed mode
  • respirator supporting newborn’s breathing
  • monitoring equipment – pulse oximeter
  • infusion pumps delivering medication
  • docking station integrating the entire system and providing electric and gas power

The Staff includes pediatricians, neonatologists, nurses and midwives.

Collaborating specialists:
  • pediatric surgeon
  • neurologist
  • geneticist
  • cardiologist
  • radiologist
  • ophthalmologist
  • physiotherapist
  • orthopedista
  • lactation consultant
  • immunization consultant

Our medical staff members are available at 22 25 59 800

Dear Patients As a rule, we do not provide medical consulation over the phone. Due to personal data protection requirements, we do not disclose any information about patietns hospitalized in St. Sophia's Specialist Hospital.
Managing Staff

dr n. med. Ewa Adamska

Head Pre-term Newborn and Neonate Pathology Department

mgr Hanna Soszko

Manager, senior nurse, specialist

mgr Anna Maliszewska

Deputy Manager, senior midwife, specialist