Obstetric-Neonatal Department

Shortly after assisted or physiologic vaginal delivery, the vast majority of mothers and their newborn babies are transferred to one of the 3 Obstetric-Neonatal Departments:
Mothers stay together with their babies in well-equipped and esthetically designed 2- or 3-person rooms.

All rooms have private bathrooms, comfortable beds, bedstans and electronic system to communicate with the members of the healthcare team. There is also an infant changing unit with basic baby care cosmetics in every room.

Our staff members actively support new mothers in newborn care and breastfeeding.

We have rolling basinettes where the newborn infant can be safely placed if the mum feels like taking a stroll down the hall.
Post-birth stay in hospital: what to expect
Planned discharges from the Obstetric-Neonatal Department take place after the medical examinations which determine if both the mother and the child meet the criteria for discharge.

  • uncomplicated physiologic delivery – 24 hours after birth
  • c-section delivery – 48 hours after birth


Managing Staff

dr n. med. Anna Kajdy

Head of the Obstetrics Department

Our medical staff members are available at
22 25 59 800

Dear Patients
As a rule, we do not provide medical consulation over the phone. Due to personal data protection requirements, we do not disclose any information about patietns hospitalized in St. Sophia's Specialist Hospital.

mgr Agnieszka Koszyk

Obstetrics A Manager, senior midwife, specialist

lic. Barbara Andrzejczuk

Obstetrics B Manager, senior midwife, specialist

mgr Edyta Dzierżak-Postek

Obstetrics C Manager, senior midwife, specialist