Labour and Delivery Suite

Babies are delivered in labour and delivery rooms which have been given charming, fruit-inspired names (Oranage, Apricot, Cherry, Gooseberry, Plum, Nut and Mint).
In case of normal physiologic birth, the patients in labour are attended to by midwives specialized in providing unsupervised care in collaboration with a team of medical specialists. There are 5 midwives assigned to every 12-hour shift.

We pursue to make each patient’s birth experience as joyous and comfortable as possible, however, our primary concern is safety of mother and child.

As a tertiary referral healthcare facility we are prepared to administer risk-appropriate care to patients who require highly specialized and individual approach during pregnancy and non-physiologic childbirth.

Apart from obstetricians and midwives, the Labour and Delivery Suite staff includes a neonatal pediatrician and an anesthesiologist to offer suport if any complications develop.
Our medical staff members are available at
22 25 59 800

Dear Patients
As a rule, we do not provide medical consulation over the phone. Due to personal data protection requirements, we do not disclose any information about patietns hospitalized in St. Sophia's Specialist Hospital.
Managing Staff

dr n. med. Anna Kajdy

Head of the Obstetrics Department

mgr Agnieszka Machniewicz

Labour and Delivery Suite Manager, senior midwife, specialist