Hospital Birth Center

Our Hospital Birth Center is a midwife-assisted alternative for all expectant mothers who desire a natural, non-medicalized childbirth experience in intimate, home-like setting. It is a half-way option between a hospital and home birth.

We address our invitation to all mums-to-be who:
• consider having a planned home birth, but are afraid the hospital transfer may take too long and make surgical intervention impossible if any intra-partum complications arise
• realize their housing conditions make home-setting birth difficult or impracticable

Our birthing rooms are designed to resemble cosy home bedrooms. Their interior decoration is inspired by the images of European cities, taking our patients on a trip to London, Paris or Rome.
Dear Patients, We encourage you to attend a consultation visit prior to making a final decision about the birth setting. During the visit a midwife will individually consider whether a birth center is the right option for you.

Since we are a hospital-based facility, there is no concern about immediate transfer to the hospital labour and delivery suite if need be. It makes our approach to limitations and contraindications more flexible than in most other free-standing birth centers.

  • severe maternal disease ( circulatory, respiratory, digestive, urologic, endocrinologic, oncologic, infectious, neurologic, mental, metabolic ) which may adversely affect the labour and delivery proces
  • previous in-vitro fertilization or long-lasting infertility treatment
  • more than 2 miscarriages with curettage in patient’s medical history
  • stillbirth or delivery of a child with perinatal injury
  • previous major genital tract injuries, uterine atonia, obstetric hemorrhage, coagulation disorders, thromboembolic condition, pre-eclampsia
  • maternal multiparity – more than 6 pregnancies resulting in viable offspring
  • advanced maternal age (over 42 years) or young maternal age (a pregnant minor)
  • maternal drug and alcohol abuse
  • arterial hypertension, albuminuria, pyelonephritis during pregnancy
  • anemia (hemoglobin concentration below 9g / dl)
  • gestational diabetes
  • clinically relevant ante-partum bleeding
  • infection with a temperature over 38° C in perinatal period
  • maternal-fetal serologic incompatibility (Rh incompatibility)
  • assessed fetal weight of below 2500g or over 4200g (AC/HC ratio ˃ 4cm in USG
  • increased ( AFI > 20 ) or decreased ( AFI < 5 ) quantity of amniotic fluid
  • going into labour before the end of 37 and after the end of 42 week gestation
  • non-vertex presentation at the onset of labour
  • multiple pregnancy
  • genital herpes or genital warts
  • the need for labour induction
If you choose our Birth Center to deliver your baby, your first appointment with a midwife will be scheduled to take place at about 36 weeks, however, you have to book it at about 32 weeks.

The purpose of the visit is to determine if you are eligible for a birth center childbirth. The midwife is ikely to ask you about your expectations, health condition, progression of your pregnancy or test results.

The decision about your eligibility for natural physiologic birth will be taken after eliciting your thorough medical history and filing the necessary medical record.

Visits are held every Tuesday and Thursday 08:00 – 14:00
You can book your appointment by phone at 22 25 59 900

Be sure to take the following with you:
  • ID Card or another valid identification document
  • pregnancy record
  • ALL results of your pregnancy lab tests and Ultrasound examinations
  • your personalized birthing plan

The course of labour and delivery

Choosing a birth center option, you have to remember that no medical interventions to induce your labour will be undertaken. You can expect us to use only natural methods to stimulate your uterine contractions.
We let each woman progress through labour and delivery in her own natural rythm. We are sensitive and responsive to the patient’s individual need to sleep, to relax or to eat something.

The labour and delivery process is handled by an expert midwife.
If she detects any abnormal conditions, the patient will be immediately transferred to the Hospital Labour and Delivery Suite, just steps away from the Birth Center. The transfer does not necessarily mean that the delivery will end in a c-section. It is usually undertaken to provide further care in the hospital environment with access to epidural anesthesia, pharmacological stimulation of labour and more intensive specialist care.

At the Birth Center we administer only natural methods to help our patients manage labour pain. Epidural anesthesia is available only after the patient’s transfer to the hospital.

When am I likely to be transferred?

It is a midwife’s role and responsibility to safeguard a physiologic birth, to detect early warning signs which may indicate intra-partum complications of emergent nature and to decide if the patient has to be transferred to the hospital setting.
Every decision with regard to the transfer and the medical procedures applied during labour and delivery is consulted with the patient and her childbirth companions.
Responding to recommendations for shared responsibility for medical care and decision-making process, we make every effort to present the patient’s medical condition in an objective and comprehensible way to be able to make a collective decision which will best serve both mother and child.

Post-partum care

Mothers and newborns are mainly cared by midwives.

Newborns are examined by a pediatrician on daily basis until they are discharged.

If the patient wants to leave for home early, she can be discharged 24 hours after the delivery – the shortest stay allowed in case of a natural birth.
As a part of our early discharge follow-up, the mother and the newborn will be invited to a free of charge check-up appointment at our Birth Center within 3- 6 days following the birth.

The purpose of the appointment is:
• assessment of mother’s general, emotional and obstetric condition
• assessment of lactation process
• newborn weight check
• newborn physiologic jaundice check
• newborn screening tests for: phenylketonuria, hyperthyreosis, mucoviscidosis
• newborn hearing screening


On 3rd December 2014 the Hospital Birth Center was granted a Certificate issued by t\The „Well Born” Association – Independent Initiatives of Parents and Midwives
Our medical staff members are available:
22 25 59 800

Dear Patients:
As a rule, we do not provide medical consultation over the phone. Due to personal data protection requirements, we do not disclose any information about patients hospitalized in St. Sophia’s Specialist Hospital.
Managing Staff

mgr Edyta Dzierżak-Postek

Hospital Birth Center Manager, senior midwife, specialist