Gynecology Department

We perform major operations and procedures in the areas of gynecology and gynecologic oncology.
We specialize in the treatment of complex disorders of the pelvic floor, like urinary incontinence, genital prolapse and endometriosis.

We provide hydrolaparoscopy-assisted options for diagnosing women infertility.
We hospitalize and provide expert care to high-risk patients during the first months of pregnancy.
Whenever possible, we choose minimally invasive surgical techniques which do not leave widespread post-operative scars and require a shorter hospital stay.

The vaginal route, if applicable, is the most preferred and commonly used surgical approach to perform a gynecologic surgery. The second preferred option is the endoscopic approach ( laparoscopy and hysteroscopy ). It is only when neither transvaginal nor laparoscopic approach is possible that we use the abdominal approach ( a classical surgical incision through the abdominal wall ) with preference for transverse suprapubic incisions. The latter approach is chosen in merely 20% of all surgical interventions.

We perform over 2000 operations and gynecologic procedures and more than 2000 c-sections yearly.

Our patients stay in 2-, 3- and 4-person rooms.
There is also a 5-person day ward designed for patients having day-case procedures that require a short hospital stay of several hours.


1258gynecologic procedures


We have the latest generation of sophisticated equipment supporting minimally invasive surgery which:

  • enables the performance of complex operations without leaving large post-opetative scars
  • reduces the risk of intra- and post-operative complications
  • requires only a 2 - 3-day in-patient stay
  • guarantees short recovery time and quick return to a regular routine
  • total abdominal hysterectomy with/without salpingo-oophorectomy
  • subtotal abdominal hysterectomy (supravaginal uterine amputation) with / without salpingo-oophorectomy
  • abdominal ovarian cystectomy
  • abdominal uterine myomectomy
  • abdominal ectopic pregnancy operation
  • abdominal promontofixation ( to treat genital prolapse )
  • radical abdominal operations in cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer
  • the Burch abdominal colposuspension (to treat urinary incontinence)


  • TLH ( Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy ) with / without salpingo-oophorectomy
  • LSH ( Laparoscopic Subtotal Hysterectomy ) with / without salpingo-oophorectomy
  • LAVH ( Laparoscipic-Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy )
  • laparoscopic promontofixation, the Burch operation
  • laparoscopic adnexal tumor operation
  • laparoscopic operation of ectopic pregnancy
  • laparoscopic operation in advanced endometriosis
  • diagnostic laparoscopy


  • vaginal hysterectomy
  • corrective vaginal operations in genital prolapse (vaginal wall repair and perineoplasty with / without mesh implants)
  • vaginal operations in urinary incontinence ( TOT, TVT )
  • vaginal enucleation or marsupialization of the Bartholin’s gland cyst vulvectomy
  • corrective operation of the vaginal vestibule (using Vaginal Narrower lifting threads) – esthetic gynecology
  • classical or laser-assisted labiaplasty – esthetic gynecology
  • CO2 fractional laser-ssisted labiaplasty – esthetic gynecology hyaluronic acid-assisted esthetic gynecology procedures

  • diagnostic hysteroscopy
  • hysteroscopic endometrial polypectomy
  • hysteroscopic resection of submucous myomas
  • hysterolysis
  • hysteroscopic uterine septumectomy
  • office hysteroscopy
  • hysteroscopic D&C ( Diagnostic Curettage of the cervical canal and the uterine cavity )
  • hysteroscopic EKN Leep - cervical electroconization (loop electrosurgical excision procedure
  • hysteroscopic cervical polypectomy
  • hysteroscopic ectocervical biopsy
  • hysteroscopic marsupialization of the Bartholin’s gland cyst
  • hysteroscopic perineal resuturing
  • hysteroscopic tubal patency evaluation: Sono HSG
  • hysteroscopic removal of vaginal lesions: polyps, pointed genital warts
  • Patients coming to the Hospital with a valid referral from a specialist (gynecologist) to undergo an elective operation or a surgical procedure will be registered onto the waiting list after a triage visit to St. Sophia’s Specialist Outpatient Clinic. The purpose of the visit is to determine if the referral is clinically appropriate, to assess the patient’s status (urgent, non-urgent) and to define the kind and scope of the planned surgery. Consultation appointments can be made by phone at 22 25 59 900 Monday – Friday 08:00 – 19:00
  • Upon arrival at the Clinic, patients are expected to produce the original of the referral ( in exceptional situations the referral can be delivered within 14 days from the registration onto the waiting list ).
  • In case of any questions or doubts relating to the waiting list management, we kindly request you to contact us at 22 25 59 861 Monday – Friday 08:00 – 14:30
Our medical staff members are available at 22 25 59 800

Dear Patients
As a rule, we do not provide medical consulation over the phone. Due to personal data protection requirements, we do not disclose any information about patietns hospitalized in St. Sophia's Specialist Hospital.
Managing Staff

dr n. med. Arkadiusz Baran

Head of the Gynecology Department

mgr Katarzyna Grygo

Gynecology Manager, senior midwife

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