Hospital Admission

What you need to know before arriving at the Hospital:

The Admissions Office: entrance from Nowolipie Street

Acute admissions via The Emergency Department: entrance /drive-in entry for ambulances and cars at 90 Żelazna Street

Planned admisssions (with a referral) are individually scheduled in consultation with a patient.

Necessary documents:
  • Identity document (e.g., ID card, passport)
  • Pregnancy record
  • Employer’s TIP
    Pursuant to the Act of 27 August 2004 on healthcare benefits financed from public funds, eligibility for free healthcare services is granted to the uninsured patients who are Polish citizens residing within the territory of Poland, minor patients under 18 years of age and women throughout their pregnancy, birth and post-partum period. Under article 2, paragraph 1, item 3, letter B of the Act, eligibility confirmation requires a patient to present an appropriate identity document and to submit a written statement about entitlement to free healthcare services.

Dear Patient!

For the sake of your and your baby’s health and safety, we request you to complete the below form about the choice of a primary care facility and midwife that will provide you with postnatal care.

Based on your answers, the Hospital will send a Notification of Birth to the primary care provider you have chosen Please, submit the completed form to the midwife upon your admission to the labour ward.


Legal basis:
The Regulation of the Minister of Health of 16 September 2015 amending the regulation on standards of medical care for the provision of healthcare services to women throughout their physiologic pregnancy, physiologic birth, post-partum period and newborn care.

Necessary results of tests performed during pregnancy:
  • blood type and Rh with immune antibodies
  • blood cell count (performed no earlier than 2 weeks before planned admission)
  • urine test
  • fibrinogen after 36th week of pregnancy
  • HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
  • HCV(Hepatitis C virus)
  • HBs Ag - (Hepatitis B surface antigen) (performed during pregnancy)
  • WR - (Wassermann Reaction) (performed during pregnancy)
  • retro-vaginal culture for Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B streptococcus) (performed after 35th week of pregnancy)
  • all results of ultrasound examinations performed during this pregnancy – including the recent one (after 36th week of pregnancy)
  • other relevant test and / or consultation results, e.g., ophthalmologic, cardiologic, orthopedic consultation
  • birth plan.

Admission to the labour ward does not require a physician’s referral.

You should have your hospital bag packed about 3 weeks before the due date.
Hospital bag checklist: For you:
  • comfortable nightshirt or T-shirt (long one) to wear in labour and 2 front-opening shirts useful in the first days of breastfeeding
  • dressing gown, backless slip-on slippers or flip-flops
  • nursing bra
  • 2 packs of adult disposable diapers
  • toiletries (scent-free, if possible)
  • 2 towels (bathing and normal-size)
  • paper towels
  • non-carbonated mineral water
  • things to help you relax or pass the time when in hospital
  • 1 pack of standard sanitary pads

For your baby:
  • 5 newborn vests or bodysuits (size 56 – 62)
  • 3 sleepsuits or 3 rompers
  • 10 muslin squares and 1 pack of disposable nappies
  • 2 cotton hats
  • baby blanket or baby’s horn
  • towel
  • small pillow to give you extra support when breastfeeding or a V-shaped nursing pillow
    All items (even the brand-new ones) require pre-washing.

For the Father (applies to family childbirths) :
  • a change of comfy clothes
  • a change of shoes (slippers or flip-flops)
  • snacks and drinks.

Dear Ladies!
Please remember to:
  • leave your valuable jewellery at home
  • remove any false nails, tips or nail polish (fingernails and toenails) as the color of the nail plate says much about your health condition
  • trim your fingernails short (it will make newborn care easier)


  • decision about the order of admissions is made by a doctor depending on the severity of the patient’s condition
  • priority is given to patients wo require immediate medical intervention
  • the wait time to consultation depends on the patient load and the complexity of medical problems
  • due to personal data prodection, we do not disclose any information about the hospitalized patients. As a rule, we do not provide medical consultation over the phone.

We kindly request our patients to:

  • use their mobile phones in moderation as the operation of medical equipment and the waiting patients require peace and quiet.
  • respect other patients’ right to privacy

Dear Patient

According to our Emergency Department policy, you will be requested to limit the numer of your companions during the consultation to 1 adult person. This requirement is motivated by a specific character of the place where health- and life-saving interventions are frequently carried out.

There are a Duty Doctor and Duty Midwives in the Emergency Department

Registration: 22 25 59 802
Emergency Department managing staff

dr Agnieszka Łojek-Ozga

Head od Admiissions Office

mgr Monika Gałaszkiewicz

Operating Suite Manager, senior midwife