Our Genetics Clinic provides consultations for children and adults.

We invite patients with:
  • • dysmorphic traits, psychomotor development retardation, delayed speech or language development, learning disorders, intellectual disability and / or behavioral disorders
  • • suspected genetically determined disease in neurology, endocrinology (growth and menstruation disorders), orthopedics (osteo-skeletal system defects), cardiology (heart and circulatory system defects), gastroenterology (disorders and defects of gastrointestinal tract), dermatology, immunology and other areas of medicine.
  • • another / other defects of internal or external organs (e.g., limb or finger defects, abnormal skull shape)

You are also welcome to benefit from:
  • • genetic counseling in case of positive family history of hereditary disease or suspected genetic disease running in the family
  • • genetic counseling of consanguineous couples (related as second cousins or closer)
  • • pre-conception and antenatal counseling to discuss the risk of genetic diseases and available genetic screening tests (for women under or over the age of 35)
  • • genetic consultations following reproductive failures such as spontaneous abortions, stillbirth with congenital anomalies of the fetus, deaths in children with congenital defects or suspected genetically determined disease
  • • genetic counseling related to female / male infertility


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