Family Rooms

Do you want your hospital room feel like home?

Will you feel more relaxed having your family close to you 24 hours a day?

Will you feel more confident if your partner, relative or friend can stay overnight in your room?

Do you expect more personalized support or more intensive midwife’s assistance?

If all your answers are affirmative, our Ocean Family Rooms may be the right option for you.

The rooms have been given names inspired by the ocean (the Azure Room, the Emerald Room, the Coral Room, the Lagoon Room, the Amber Room, the Pearl Room).

Every room has a private bathroom and conveniences that include a remote-controlled electric adjustable bed, refrigerator, toast maker, electric kettle, radio, sleeper reclainer chair with a bed set for the accompanying person and choice menu.

The rooms are also available to our antenatal and Gynecology Department patients.

Accommodation in Family Rooms is a separately paid service.