Endometriosis Physiotherapy Clinic

Physiotherapy constitutes an integral component of a multidisciplinary therapeutic management in endometriosis.

Its primary objectives are:
  • alleviation of pain
  • improvement in the quality of life and functional ability
  • complementation of medical and dietary management

1Our methods
Our individual physiotherapy methods and techniques include:
  • • manual therapy, soft tissue techniques
  • • muscle energy techniques (relaxation of excessively tense and activation of weak muscle groups)
  • • deactivation of external and internal trigger points (painful points located inside a muscle)
  • • scar and adhesion mobilization
  • • visceral mobilization (internal organs)
  • • correction of posture
  • • reeducation and teaching correct locomotor patterns
  • • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) – enhancing the kinesthetic awareness of the body
  • • patient’s education
  • • analysis and modification of everyday activities
  • • self-therapy instructions

Our physiotherapists

Anna Jakóbik, MA

urogynecologic physiotherapist

Karolina Łataś-Zagrajek, MA

midwife, urogynecologic physiotherapist

Małgorzata Starzec, MA

urogynecologic physiotherapist