We encourage the Clients of ‘’Żelazna’’ Medical Center to benefit from a broad range of classes and workshops offered by our Education Center.

Our childbirth education classes are designed for Expectant mothers and everybody else who would like to acquire new skills (not limited to newborn care), get more fit, strengthen muscles, and share experiences with others.
Tel: +48 668 308 855 or 22 25 59 818
10:00 – 15:00 (Monday – Friday)
1Birth Schools in English
Birth schools aim at preparing parents for childbirth and newborn care.
During our classes we discuss the supportive role of your childbirth companion, we debunk the myths around lactation and post-partum period and answer all the questions you want answered.

Collaborating schools accredited by St. Sophia’s Hospital which offer education classes in English:

1. Birth School – Magdalena Witkiewicz
+48 603 404 799
School website www.czlowiekodrodzenia.pl/

2. aKuku Center for Women – Magdalena Kukulska
+48 787 360 036
School website www.polozna.com.pl

The schools provide information about our Hospital, admission tothe Labour and Delivery Suite and the Obstetrics Department.
To enroll in classes, please contact your chosen school.
2Birth Rehearsal Workshop
Shortly before the due date, we invite Expectant Parents to attend a 3-hour Birth Rehearsal Workshop.

The program of the workshop includes:
  • Birthing positions
  • Simple techniques of massage
  • Correct breathing training
  • Methods of labour pain management
  • A tour of the Hospital Birth School ( if there are rooms available for visiting )

3Pregnancy Yoga (classes also available in English)
We invite you to attend our movement – breathing – relaxation classes which will help you strengthen your core, relax and improve body awareness in physical, mental and emotional preparation for the birth of your baby.

  • it helps you undersand and cope with inevitable body changes accompanying each pregnancy
  • improves your overall health condition and enhances your stamina and wellbeing
  • the exercises strengthen the spine and positively affect your body awareness and its flexibility to help you choose the most suitable birthing position during labour and delivery
  • it relaxes, calms you down and makes you feel more self-confident
  • yoga classes create an opportunity to meet other mums-to-be and share experiences with them

Who are yoga classes meant for?
  • for every expectant mother from the 15th week of pregnancy provided she does not have any serious medical condition that can prevent her from participation. It is recommended to practise prenatal yoga on regular basis ( at least once a week until childbirth ) to achieve the expected results
  • there is no need for any prior yoga experience to do the prenatal classes

4Postnatal Mum and Baby Yoga Classes
We invite mums and their babies ( from 6 weeks after the delivery ) to attend our Mum and Baby Postnatal Yoga Classes.

What are the benefits of postnatal yoga?
  • it supports shorter recovery time and quicker return to physical, mental and emotional wellbeing
  • decreases muscle tension and post-partum discomfort, e.g., shoulder, neck and back pain
  • promotes active mother – child bonding
  • calms you down, leaving your mind soothed and relaxed
  • it is a great opportunity to meet other mums and share experiences with them

THE CLASSES ARE PERFORMED BY Inga Dańkowska, a qualified yoga instructor.
She is the only yoga teacher in Poland to have The British Wheel of Yoga Diploma and specialization in prenatal and postnatal yoga. She acquired her professional qualifications and experience in Great Britain where she worked as a yoga instructor until 2012.
Pregnancy Fitness Classes, Newborn Massage with Shantal’s Method, Baby First Aid Course, Pelvic Floor Muscle and Pelvic Girdle Stabilization Training (group classes), Exercise to Combat Endometriosis, Babywearing Workshop for New Parents.

All classes ( except the ones provided by the accredited Birth Schools ) are held in the main building of St. Sophia’s Hospital at 90 Żelazna Street.