Dietary Clinic

We provide specialized consultations:

  • for overweight / underweight Moms-to-be
  • in fungal infections
  • in chronic peptic ulcer disease and inflammatory conditions of the stomach ( e.g., heartburn )
  • in thyroid disease
  • in diabetes and disorders of glycemia
  • in cholestasis, lipid disorders and chronic diseases of the liver
  • in overweight and obesity
  • right balance and nutrition in elimination diets
  • and many others …

See how you can boost your mood and improve your own or your loved ones’ health in a natural and easy way. Our offer is addressed to female and male patients.


Joanna Giza-Gołaszewska, MSc


Specialises in nourishment related related diseases therapy and prevention including overweight and obesity. She consults her patients, on how to improve the healing and convalescence process through eating habits and everyday diet. Supports and motivates patients to achieve their goals and look at healthy diet not as a limitation and a colloquial "piece of lettuce". She leads practical and theoretical workshops about healthy diet for individual people and companies, including school of childbirth. Author of many articles on pages like:, SmakFit blog about dietetics. Her intrest in health has a long family tradition.