“Boy or Girl” Clinic

The desire of the human species to control the gender of its progeny prior to conception dates back to ancient times. The Old Testament, Chinese Tables, the writings of Hippocrates and many other prominent scientists addressed the subject of gender prediction. Sometimes the attempts to determine the baby’s sex were successful, depending on the choice of method and the accuracy of calculations.

Contemporary scientists have elaborated effective methods of gender selection dedicated to women opting for natural family planning.

If you want to get acquainted with a method which is:

  • • precise – you will get to know your individual menstrual cycle and the exact ovulation timing
  • • simple – it is easy to remember, but just in case, you will be given all necessary teaching materials
  • • natural – it does not involve any medical intervention, additional examinations or administration of medications, except folic acid
  • • effective – consistently followed instructions have already helped many women all over the globe to conceive a long-desired baby
  • • personalized – your cycle is unique and individual! You are welcome to visit the first and the only “Boy or Girl” Clinic in Poland!

We will teach you:

  • how to infallibly recognize your fertile days
  • how to preselect your baby’s gender
  • to follow a special diet that favors conceiving a boy or a girl
  • techniques supporting conception We shall dispel all your doubts and answer the question why some women only have male or female offspring. Gender preselection will no longer be a mystery to you!

We also invite those of you who:

  • want to get acquainted with natural methods of birth control. If you would like to know which days of your menstrual cycle are biologically infertile, if you do not want or cannot use hormonal contraception – you are welcome to visit us!
  • are in the postpartum phase and want to know when they will become fertile again and how to recognize the first ovulation after giving birth
  • enter the menopausal phase and want to know if and when the ovulation occurs
  • are adolescents and need to learn everything about their cycle and periods to better understand the changes to their bodies and mood swings they often experience. So get your daughter a treat and schedule an appointment for her!

Magdalena Kukulska, MSc

midwife, natural family planning instructor

Graduate of Medical University of Warsaw on Faculty of Health Sciences, major in Midwifery. In St. Sophia's Hospital since year 2004 (mostly in Delivery Room). Uses the Josef Rötzer method.