ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System and ISO 37001: 2016 compliant Anti-Corruption Management System

  • providing high-quality and complex healthcare services focused on patient safety and patient-doctor partnership in order to meet and exceed patients’ requirements and expectations
  • carrying out educational activity consistent with current medical knowledge and practice
  • caring about the employee development and job satisfaction
  • maintaining transparency of all acivities and implementing the policy of "zero tolerance for corruption"


  • improving the quality and efficiency of medical services and increasing patient safety by adopting the most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic techniques
  • achieving high ratings of customer satisfaction
  • achieving the employee job satisfaction
  • broadening the scope of services
  • realizing "Żelazna" Medical Center LLC business objectives, such as: meeting sales forecasts for medical services, maintaining liquidity and generating a profit to be invested in the Company’s development
  • enhancing the Hospital’s image as a reliable, customer-friendly and reputable healthcare provider
  • raising anti-corruption awareness of the employees, cooperating entities and patients

We commit to continuously improve the efficiency of the Integrated Management System, to conform with its requirements (including legal ones) and to systematically enhance "Żelazna" Medical Center’s position in the healthcare services market.

We furthermore ensure:

  • appointment of competent and independent individuals to be responsible for supervising the Anti-corruption Management System
  • protection for persons reporting incidents of suspected corruption in good faith
  • administration of stipulated punitive measures in the event corrupt practices have been revealed

Chairman of the Management Board
Wojciech Puzyna MD, PhD