Dear Sir or Madam,

We kindly inform you that according to the current pandemic situation from friday, 13th March, from 8:00 AM until further notice we suspend the following:
- visiting
- access to the Hospital ground
- refers to cesarean section

On 4th of May we restored family labour. - please read our RULES AND REGULATIONS about family labour in our Hospital.

We kindly inform you that Mothers of preemies, which do not have obstetric contradictions against going home, but do have Children treated in Preemies and Newborn Pathology wards will be signed out from the Hospital - as soon as possible.
We also inform that during current pandemic situation it may happen that some obstetrics ward in Warsaw will be temporary closed and we must be ready to accept women for labour.
We assure you that preemie's parents will remain in contact with the attending physician and will be kept up to date about it's healt status and healing process.


Dear Patients,
On 16th April new Coucil of Ministers' decree came into effect obligating to cover your mouth and nose outside of your place of living.

According to the decree, we kindly ask you to bring with you masks or other items designed to cover your face to the hospital in amount that will that will suffice through your stay in the Hospital.
Take into consideration that average stay in ŻMC is about 3 days.

In case of longer stay there will be possibility to buy face masks in hospital kiosk.
This requirement also concerns the Patients of Outpatient Policlinic and Admission Desk.

We would like to also inform that during the labour and in the rooms during your stay you don't have to wear mouth and nose cover. We would like to ask you to come into the Hospital in a mask and wear it while moving around the Hospital.


Dear Sir or Madam,

In response to incoming questions about stay in our Hospital we kindly inform you that:

➡️ Entering the Hospital ground or providing the Patients with additional items is prohibited. We advise you to bring more essential items for labour and stay for yourself and the Baby.

➡️ Hospital provides full alimentation and different diets - vegetarian, vegan diabetic etc. If you are missing anything, we do have Hospital kios which has all the basic nessesities.

➡️ Our Personel will help the Patients after cesarean section in leaving the Hospital.the Baby can be transported into the main hall with a hospital cart

➡️ The person collecting the Patient can pass the child seat to the main hall employee in order to prepare the Baby to leave the Hospital.

➡️ The Baby registration documents will be sent via e-mailto the adress provided by the Patient. For this purpose, documentation and medical statistics department employee will contact the Patient. In case of not being able to answer the call, a message with contact request will be sent.

We kindly inform that in case of incorect histopathological test result - according to our procedures - Hospital's employee will contact the Patient in order to appoint a consultation.

If there was no contact attempt it means that you don't require an urgent consultation.

If you have any questions we recommend making an appointment in Outpatient Policlinic.