Perinatal Departament

It is a 19-bed department comprising 2- and 3-person rooms with en suite bathroom.
We deliver comprehensive high-risk pregnancy care to women from the 22nd week of pregnancy until childbirth.

Expectant mothers are referred to us by physicians from the Emergency Department, outpatient obstetrics and gynecology clinics or other hospitals.

Out of the total number of 3447 patients treated in our Department in 2020, 139 were referred from hospitals of lower referral level.

in 2020

We provide specialized treatment of the following conditions which may affect maternal and fetal health:

  • hypertension
  • diabetes
  • cholestasis of pregnancy
  • risk of premature birth
  • isthmocervical insufficiency
  • premature amniotic fluid leakage
  • fetal growth disorders
  • placental pathologies

We are prepared to manage labour and delivery in multiple (twin and triplet) pregnancies which become more and more numerous nowadays.
  • ultrasoud machine which enables monitoring maternal and fetal condition without leaving the Perinatal Department setting
  • system of continuous (24h) computer monitoring of CTG records

The system enables simultaneous monitoring of many patients in different rooms. The asset of the system is its alarm function which notifies the Staff when the heart rate is abnormal or the monitor is not picking up the heart rate.

If any abnormalities occur or there are doubts as to the interpretation of the CTG records, the midwife observing the CTG tracings is able to request the duty doctor in another room to consult the record and undertake intervention if there is real risk of harm to the mother or child.

The right software allows CTG tracings to be seen on the computer screen outside the place they are recorded.
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Newborn safety

After birth, the infants who require diagnostic and therapeutic management (both sick full-term and pre-term newborns ) are transferred to the Pre-term Newborn and Neonate Pathology Department.

As a tertiary referral setting , our Pre-term Newborn and Neonate Pathology Department has the expertise and authority to deal with the most challenging cases in neonatal pathology – including the management of pre-term infants with extremely low birth weight (circa 500 grams).
Our medical staff members are available at
22 25 59 800

Dear Patients
As a rule, we do not provide medical consulation over the phone. Due to personal data protection requirements, we do not disclose any information about patietns hospitalized in St. Sophia's Specialist Hospital.
Managing Staff

dr n. med. Anna Kajdy

Head of the Obstetrics Department

mgr Agnieszka Koszyk

Manager, senior midwife, specialist